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Jenny’s Leaving

My co-worker, Jenny, found out today that she got enough scholarship/loan money to go back to school next year. She’ll be attending NYU’s ITP Program. That is, New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. It’s basically an art and media program for engineering techie types. And it sounds perfect for Jenny. I know she’ll make some really cool projects over the two years she’s there. I’m going to miss her, though. We get along great and can get really silly with each other.

But of course this leaves me in an interesting position. My former (and crazy) boss left abruptly in the middle of the year and was never really replaced. Jenny and I have been running the show by ourselves all semester. And the two of us do a better job than was ever done before Cracksmoke left. (Yes, Cracksmoke was her nickname). The upper administration has been getting a bargain and they know it. So they had no intention of replacing her. But now it’s a different situation.

Once Jenny is gone next year, I’ll be the only one who is actually able to run the Computer Labs, a fairly integral function in the school. They pretty much have to expand my job description (and hopefully salary) to match the broader nature of my duties. Plus there will likely be at least one new hire, though I’m not sure if they will be a direct replacement of Jenny or something new. We’ll see. But this might end up being someone I’ll have to manage. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a managerial position. I can’t really predict if it’ll be a good thing or not.


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