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We’re at 90%

December 3rd, 2005

I’m sitting here at my last SAT administration of 2005. One of my proctors showed up over two hours late, and another didn’t show up at all. I had to scramble and redistribute kids so they’d all fit in someplace. What a pain!

Sometimes it feel like half my blogging is about the SAT’s. I guess that’s because I’m often left with nothing to do except think up posts while the kids are all taking the exams. Oh, I’ll have plenty of tedious paperwork to do once they are done… but for now I’m just sitting here doing Sudoku puzzles.

But thankfully, this should be the last testing-related post for quite some time. The next test date isn’t until April. And I’ll probably have other stuff to write about between now and then. Y’know, little things… like having a baby.

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