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January 30th, 2006

Still no babies here yet. Tomorrow remains the scheduled day.

I made a couple small site updates to keep things fresh around here. The first is a contact form over on the right which can be used to send us messages. You might have noticed that no e-mails appear anywhere on the blog. Neither do our last names, home addresses, etc. I’m pretty paranoid about giving out too much info and/or getting unnecessarily spammed. So the anonymous and hard-to-abuse contact form is the way to go.

The next addition is much more fluffy in nature. The link on the front page of Swordplay.net formerly know as tripout has been changed to a more broadly defined illusions page. On it, you’ll find a randomly selected optical illusion for your enjoyment. At the moment, I only have 6 illusions in rotation… but I will hopefully be adding more in the near future.

That is, assuming I have time for such little projects after Baby get here. We’ll see!


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