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“No Baby Yet”

January 19th, 2006

I’ve said those words about nine hundred times over the past few days. And yes, I am guilty of giving the impression that the baby’s arrival was imminent. I believed it, too. But that appears to not be the case anymore.

One week ago our doctor told us that Tara would likely go into labor within a matter of days. That, or she would need to induce. Well, we had another appointment today and she apologized to us for prematurely raising our prenatal hackles. Apparently everything is normal again, so we are back on our original timeline. Tara’s official due date isn’t for another week, and we might very well be late (as are most first time first-time mothers).

So I can now look forward to yet more probing, anticipatory questions day in and day out. “No baby yet” shall continue to be my mantra for a fortnight. Tara suggests I get a pin to wear saying that. Perhaps I’ll start referring people to my blog for the full story.

And speaking of the blog, I’ve finally gotten it pretty much where I want it. I upgraded to WordPress 2.0, so under the hood, it’s functioning efficiently. I’ve added in the “Currently…” sections over on the right, and I’ve even set up a “Previously…” page for archival purposes. There is also now a “Links” page, too… although it still needs some more bulking up. But basically that’s it for the major features I wanted my blog to have. I wouldn’t mind sprucing it up a bit, however. I may try to figure out an attractive way to throw some subtle graphics on here. But I want to keep it rather minimalist and clean. We’ll see what I come up with.

Baby, Blogging, Life

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