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Odd ‘n’ Ends

January 22nd, 2006

I realized that I never posted two baby-related items here on the blog which might be of interest. First is an actual sonogram snapshot of the baby, herself, taken at 20 weeks. So technically this is from half her lifetime ago. She hits 40 weeks on Thursday — our official due date.

Sonogram at 20 weeks

Next is a little video clip taken the night of Tara’s baby shower. It depicts the incredibly massive amounts of baby paraphernalia we received. And it’s only gotten worse since then. Obviously, we realize that we are very much blessed to have so many people who want to help us and give us things. But at the same time… crimony! We’re drowning in baby junk. How can something so tiny require so much equipment? Anyway, here’s the video:

babyjunk.wmv (1.46MB)

Xander makes a cameo.

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