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Off and Running

June 11th, 2007

Ellie is now a confirmed toddler. By that, I mean she toddles everywhere spawning mayhem and wreaking havoc. She leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes.

It’s wonderful.

She also expresses herself much more easily now. She has an arsenal of words (or approximations of words) that convey her emotional state, her wants and needs. Many of her words are clearly understandable as either English or Spanish. Some are only understandable to her parents. Some are only understandable to Ellie, herself. Some examples are “Didoh” and “Bahdoo”. Personally, I find these words the most entertaining.

At 16 months old, Ellie is taller and heavier than many two year olds she knows. She still loves to read books, watch Sesame Street, and climb up and down stairs. She visits the playground almost every day, and enjoys swinging, riding in cars, and playing ball. She’s also fascinated by water in all its forms. She likes drinking it, bathing in it, splashing in puddles, and watching fish. Maybe she’ll be a sailor one day. We’re looking forward to swimming this summer!

And now for the good stuff. I’ve put a slew of new pictures online for your enjoyment. First, I added a bunch of to the bottom of Ellie’s April through June Gallery. Here is a prime example:

Ellie on a rocking horse

Next, I created a new mini gallery devoted to Ellie’s various zoo trips. So far, she has only been twice, but I hope to add more after each visit. Think of this gallery as an exotic safari through animal pictures, baby pictures, and unbridled cuteness.

Ellie at the Zoo

Finally some housekeeping notes about this blog itself. First, In case you hadn’t noticed, those of you that signed up for e-mail notifications about blog updates have not been receiving them. These notices just never worked properly and I finally disabled them. But I have an alternate solution. Keep an eye on your e-mail for more info.

Second, a fair number of spam comments have been slipping through my filters and appearing in random posts. Some of them are rather disgusting. I’ve been deleting them as soon as I find them, but some may slip through. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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