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Here we go again.

June 13th, 2009

You may have noticed some changes around here.  Believe it or not, my web server got hacked and filled with spammy links.  I ended up wiping out the old blog and rebuilding it.  So here we are.  But I figured this was a good time to give everything an overhaul since…

We’re going to have another baby!  Another girl!  And she is due any day now.  No promises, but there’s a decent chance I’ll have the requisite motivation to begin updating again.  I have to admit that this blog was a fantastic way to keep our family and well-wishers up to date about Ellie’s early days.

If you are one of the handful of people that have ONLY been following this blog, then you have missed a lot of pictures and other goodies.  You may want to start with the new Galleries page.  Or just take some time to enjoy some recent Ellie pictures:

Baby, Blogging, Family

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