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Tender Confidentiality Agreement

April 13th, 2021

Follow the procedures set out for document management and control, including the physical security of submissions (and related documents) and the confidentiality of business information, and inform staff of these procedures. Confidentiality is not absolute and should be assessed with respect to advertising obligations for freedom of information and audit contracts. Most of the information contained in the responses to the tender should be treated confidentially. In order to preserve the integrity of competitive procurement, agencies should respect adequate confidentiality in order to protect information and give bidders the confidence to do business with the Victorian government. The need to preserve the confidentiality of the information provided by the participants is also necessary after the award of the contract. In particular, when contracts are to be fully disclosed, economically sensitive information should be published (see publication of details of executed contracts (Guide 5.2). Privacy by Design – Effective design of data protection in the Victorian public sector (Data Protection Commissioner) Receive specific advice from security experts or legal counsel if one of them has been appointed. Privacy and security can be achieved in a variety of ways, which should be tailored to the size, complexity and risk of acquisition. Set clear physical security measures for document processing, for example.

B: implement documented procedures for paper and electronic security, including information storage and communication processes. This should include: This document contains information and content on data protection through design and explains how and why data protection is designed is useful for the community and agencies.


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