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U Of C Residence Agreement

April 13th, 2021

We want to make sure you have a safe stay here in residence. If you need accessibility, please fill out this form. Students living in residential buildings must wear non-medical masks when leaving their apartment, all public spaces, elevators, halls, hallways and toilets, etc. Residents are required to enter into the residence contract and, if they decide to withdraw prematurely, they are responsible for the entire contract, unless they leave for one of the following reasons: The residence contract is found online via the resident portal. The contract must be concluded before check-in in your room. As part of the conclusion of the residence contract, it is necessary for students to read and understand community standards. Those in their second year receive an offer to stay for Yamnuska Hall. Those who have lived with us in the first year (the previous year) will receive an offer of accommodation in the Yamnuska Room if they apply before February 10. The time slots for space selection are given on the basis of a lottery. If you decide to leave your home before the end of your contract, a declaration of eviction must be completed and forwarded to the residence services if you leave your home during the duration of the contract without carrying out the corresponding documents and pass them on to the residential services, you will be subject to a fee for the duration of the rental contract. Do you want to stay a few days longer than your release date? Fill out a stay extension form and send it.

Residence Services offers guided tours of all buildings and housing types. Applications for housing and family housing can be supplemented by the resident portal. Living in residence at the University of Calgary brings you as close as possible to everything you need – your classes, your bed, first-class facilities, food (All You Care to Eat), study rooms, tunnels, academic support, mental health support and much more. Residence gives you more time to study, make new friends, hang with friends, sleep, explore and be active. Q. Is there a single point of contact for direct questions related to COVID-19 or self-isolation in the home? As part of this form, you should meet with your Community Advisor (CA) and Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) to discuss the reasons for your transfer. New Location: Campus Service Centre, main lobby of the International House 169 University Gate NW (formerly Alma Hotel) Live, learn and grow with your peers and create strong and lasting friendships.


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