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Adacore License Agreement

September 8th, 2021

The license covers Ada, C, and Add-on requirements for eight native and cross-platform platforms. SAN JOSE, California (ESC), April 10, 2007. Rocket systems company MBDA has entered into a three-year agreement to license AdaCore`s GNAT Pro development environment, which will serve as the Ada enterprise standard. The initial agreement includes 80 developers and allows MBDA to add additional licenses if needed. Thus, the GNAT-Modified GPL allows the distribution of proprietary software related to the GNAT libgnat runtime library. The GPL prohibits this because any binary file linked to a GPL library must also be distributed under the GPL or not at all. This is not the case with your source code: your source program is not linked to libgnat, so you can distribute it under the license terms you choose, including in confidentiality agreements.


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