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Asylum Cooperation Agreement

September 11th, 2021

“Trump administration officials should push Honduras to tackle corruption and protect the safety and human rights of its own citizens so that they no longer flee in search of protection,” Acer said. “Instead, with this publication, Trump officials appear to be taking steps to implement this erroneous agreement with the Honduran government, despite widespread corruption, its inability to protect its own citizens, and the fact that asylum seekers won`t really be safe there.” ACA agreements concern countries with very different standards, procedures and capacities; a lack of transparency and oversight by UNHCR; allow the transfer of asylum seekers to countries that have never crossed them on their way to the United States (for example.B. [4] In this regard, the announcement that the United States has made other countries consider certain applications for protection instead of an opportunity to apply for protection within the United States itself would create a perceived urgency for aliens to enter the United States illegally or to apply for approval without adequate documentation prior to the entry into force of the ACAS. The implementation of AA would require a significant number of foreigners to seek protection in third countries and not in the United States. Recent events have shown that knowledge of this type of impending change will most likely result in a dramatic increase in the number of aliens entering the United States or attempting to enter the United States to make asylum claims before the effective date of the amendment. .


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