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Mercy Family Services Enterprise Agreement

September 27th, 2021

Mercy Health is a Catholic organization that employs more than 8500 people, who provide compassionate and holistic health care through our acute hospitals, senior care centers, psychiatric programs, palliative and recreational care, maternity and women`s health services, early educational services, and home care. Toll workers are entering upcoming negotiations after not receiving a pay raise for a year, as the previous EA expired on June 30, 2020. Last year, TWU reached an agreement with the company to postpone negotiations until April 2021, in exchange for 10 days of paid leave for workers who had to miss work due to COVID-19 self-isolation. The agreement also allowed the company to reduce its workforce in the event of a decrease in volume as long as permanent employees and “tied” owner drivers prayed about temporary agency workers. The announcement followed a statement in the TWU Journal in the summer of 2020, in which it was stated that the union would attack the negotiation of future company agreements (EAs) from the point of view that any improvement in workers` wages and conditions would be subordinated to the interests of employers` profit. In a statement last week, the Transportation Workers` Union (TWU) made it clear that it would work closely with major logistics companies such as Toll, Linfox, StarTrack and FedEx to try to push through business-friendly company deals for its members. At the same time, the union will lead a false campaign against other companies, claiming that they are making insufficient payments to carriers. The characterisation of multi-billion euro fleet operators as helpless victims of large companies is a cynical attempt to justify the union`s orientation towards management. The reality is that these companies are massive companies. Note: Our COA participated in several years of performance during the 2019 calendar year. The amount reported for the 2019 performance year for shared savings/losses therefore represents the shared net savings or losses over all performance years in 2019 and is recognised in all contractual periods in which the COA worked during the 2019 calendar year. Mercy Mental Health (South West Area Mental Health Service) is a public psychiatric service that helps people in the south-west of Melbourne with serious and complex mental illnesses through acute and community care. Services are made available to adults through acute hospital programs, hospital rehabilitation programs, and crisis- and community-based care programs.

We also offer specialized perinatal and in-hospital mental health services for women and infants in West Victoria. “Out of Africa” tells the story of a person fleeing the violence and destruction of Congo`s wars and his safe journey to Australia. Dr. Page has been working with Sagamba Muhira since 2011, when he was approached, to help write sagamba`s story. Sagamba was a member of a prosperous ruling family in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his family was targeted during the ethnic violence of the Congo wars. Workers should dismiss TWU`s claim that their multi-billion euro employers are at the mercy of their “wealthy clients” and are powerless to improve their conditions. . . .


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