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Panda Attack!

May 11th, 2006

I’ve uploaded some more pics to this month’s gallery. Some wicked cute ones, if I do say so myself. Behold!

This is Ellie fighting off a vicious panda attack. “Panda Attack”, interestingly enough, is the name of my former guild in the World of Warcraft. I say former guild because I got kicked out due to inactivity. The inactivity was due to the fact that I have hardly any free time to play. I have hardly any free time to play because I have a baby. Eleanor is that baby. And now the panda has its revenge.

Make of that what you will.

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Day of Atonement

October 13th, 2005

It’s Yom Kippur, and thus I’m home. I’m not going to temple or fasting or anything. Things have been going at pretty much breakneck speed for a while at work, so I’m just enjoying the day off.

I think we’re going to go out and see Corpse Bride a little later. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorite movies, so this has a lot to live up to.

I will likely also be playing a lot of WoW today. I’ve hardly played at all since before the summer. I think I just needed a break. But the latest patch has drawn me back in. My Tauren Druid just hit level 56 last night. I’m in the home stretch!

My Sexy Moonkin

UPDATE: Corpse Bride was great!

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October 1st, 2005

Dammit, this is the problem with blogs. You get a little bit distracted, and suddenly four months slip by without a post. Gotta work on that.

I have been playing a fair bit of Sudoku lately. I became vaguely aware of it several weeks ago, and have since noticed people playing it everywhere. So I finally gave it a whirl and now I’m hooked. I see the appeal. It combines simple mathematical beauty with the satisfaction of accomplishment. And it can be played at increasingly difficult “levels” for added challenge.

What’s not to like?

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